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100% yes! Its your day in print and something you may not get around to doing on your own. Spoil yourself and get an album to cherish forever.

Is an album really worth the cost?

The number of edited photos you get totally depends on how many hours of coverage you book for and if you have a second photographer as well. The average I deliver about 100 edited images per hour of coverage.

How many wedding photos can we expect?

Oh how well I understand this! I’m not a huge fan of being in front of the camera so I’ve put myself in your shoes to create a fun session style of shooting so you are walked through it and are never left hanging. I will guide you thru the entire process with some fun and candid poses that feel natural and not like a cardboard cut-out. Trust me we will make this fun! The key is to keep moving.

What if we are awkward in front of the camera?

I almost always recommend adding on a second shooter if it's not included in your wedding package because having two perspectives for your wedding day is always better than one. Plus I can split myself in two and get twice as many photos for you in less time. Second photographers are also great for getting ready photos at two different locations and for reception detail shots while we shoot golden hour portraits elsewhere. If you are planning a small wedding with 50 guests or less I wouldn’t say it's necessary to have more than one photographer.

Do you recommend having a second PHOTOGRAPHER?

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